10 Best YouTube to MP3 Converters On the Web 2021

YouTube is the biggest source of our favorite songs. Of course, there are platforms dedicated to songs like Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. But YouTube is free and easily accessible. However, there isn’t any built-in tool to download songs from YouTube in audio format. If you want to save your favorite track on your device, you need a YouTube to MP3 converter.

There are countless YouTube to MP3 converters on the web. Among them, DVDVideoSoft, YTMP3, YouTubetoMP3, 4K Video Downloader, Freemake, Converto, SnapDownloader, Ontiva, Y2mate, and aTube Catcher stand out.

Although I have found all of them useful, I cannot say the same for you. As a consumer, you may have preferences or you may want features that only two or three of these offers. The convenience of use can influence your preference as well. So, to find out which would be the best for you, keep on reading.

What Makes a Good YouTube to MP3 Converter?

There are tons of YouTube to MP3 converters on the internet, so you might wonder why I have picked this and not others. You may want to know what makes a good video to audio converter.

You can use any software you like, but some attributes separate the best from the good. Here is what makes a good YouTube to MP3 converter:

  • Easy to use
  • Fast conversion and download
  • Different high-quality formats
  • A mix of basic and advanced features
  • No signup in case of web-based tools
  • A built-in search engine
  • A basic video editor

All the tools I have mentioned have some or all of these features. So, no matter what you use, make sure the tool you choose can utilize these features.

10 Best YouTube to MP3 Converters 2021

If you are looking for MP3 converter websites then the good news is there is plenty to choose from. In this section I will be talking about 10 which I’ve found useful, personally.


DVDVideoSoft’s Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is one of the oldest converters with a massive user base. Besides converting to lossless 320 Kbps MP3, it can also convert to AAC, OGG, M4A, FLAC, and WAV format. You can convert any playlist from YouTube.

DVDVideoSoft is not an online tool. You have to download and install it on your device for use. Once you download it, just copy-paste the file link, select the format from the dropdown menu, click download and you’re done.

The interface isn’t jam packed with tons of options and features which makes it neat and clean. You are sure to love its plain and simple user interface. Its conversion and download are pretty fast so if you are in a hurry, DVDVideoSoft will catch up to you.


  • Lossless Audio: The audio quality of DVDVideoSoft is admirable which is a treat for audiophiles. You can also download the original quality audio from the source without converting.
  • Customizability: You can download separate links or full playlists all at once. You can customize output names during the conversion. DVDVideoSoft fills MP3 tags and artworks automatically.
  • Available on Major Platforms: DVDVideoSoft is available on computers as well as mobile. It runs on Mac, Windows computers, and android mobile.


  • Topnotch audio quality
  • Support big platforms
  • Highly customizable
  • Bulk download feature
  • Swift download speed


  • No iOS supports
  • Does not support any other website than YouTube
  • To access the high-quality formats, you have to purchase the software


YTMP3 is a web-based YouTube to MP3 converter. It is user-friendly, easily accessible, and a versatile tool. YTMP3 is a reliable tool. You just need to copy and paste the URL of your desired song, click convert and it’s done.

It supports all platforms. You can use it on a mobile, tablet, computer, etc. It also has an option to download in MP4 format. When you search for it on Google, you will see different extensions like .cc, .com, .eu, etc. All of them lead to the same site.

Like many free web-based tools, it will show some ads or maybe redirect you to other potentially risky sites. Don’t fret, just close the tab and don’t click on any popup. YTMP3 converts files really fast. It has the option to save your file to Dropbox instead of your hard drive.


  • Save to Dropbox Option: If you are skeptical about saving the converted file to your device, don’t be. YTMP3 has a feature where you can save the MP3 to your Dropbox account directly from the site.
  • Fast Conversion: YTMP3 works fast. It will convert any video of short length within moments. Even larger videos are converted in a few minutes.
  • No Signup is Needed: You don’t have to open an account on this site. You will see a box after logging on to the site. You can just paste the link and get your clip in MP3 format.
  • Can Convert the Next Video Without Downloading the First: After you convert a video, you don’t have to save it to Dropbox or your device to start converting the next one. If you want to scrap the first and move to the next, you can do so without downloading the file which is a cool feature.


  • Suitable for any type of user
  • Superior conversion and download speed
  • Neat interface
  • Very easy to use


  • Irritating pop ups
  • Can’t convert long videos
  • Can’t change the audio quality
  • Redirect to potentially malicious sites
  • Can’t convert multiple files in a batch


The developers of YouTubetoMP3Music have designed this tool for the total convenience of consumers. Similar to other converters on the web, you just have to paste the link in the designated box.

It converts files fairly fast. Download speed is also quite decent. What’s great about YouTubetoMP3Music is that despite the name, it’s not strictly a YouTube to MP3 converter. It supports over 1000 websites where you can just copy and paste the link to convert.

YouTubetoMP3 supports every major platform which is great. It is compatible with windows, mac, android, and iOS. It doesn’t require any registration or signup.


  • Video Search by Keyword: To convert your favorite music, you don’t have to go to YouTube and copy the link. In the search box, you can directly search videos from YouTube using keywords.
  • QR Code: You can generate a QR code after converting the file. You can scan the code with your smartphone to save the file directly from the site to your phone.
  • Different Qualities Available: There is an option to select the file type and quality after pasting the link. You can select up to 320 Kbps for your favorite song.


  • No annoying ads
  • Does not redirect to fishy websites
  • Supports a wide range of websites and operating systems
  • Easy conversion and download


  • The site sometimes loads slow
  • Lacks advanced features

4K Video Downloader

Unlike many others on this list, 4K Video Downloader is software, not a web-based tool. You have to download and install it on your device. It is not only a video to MP3 converter; the purpose of this software is to download videos of superior quality.

Its interface might confuse you initially. There is no box to paste links. Instead, there is a button that says ‘paste link.’ after copying the link from any supported website, you have to click this button. A dialogue box shall appear next. There will be options to extract audio or video in different qualities.

4K Video Downloader is packed with features. It’s not merely a converter, it’s a whole package. You can download videos from almost all popular sites. You can even download full playlists and extract subtitles. It can download private content from YouTube which is undeniably the best feature.


  • Extract Full Playlists: You don’t have to convert your favorite songs to MP3 one by one. This powerful tool can grab the whole playlist and convert them to MP3 altogether.
  • Extract Subtitles: Doesn’t matter if you are converting to audio or downloading the video, you can also get the subtitles. Maybe you like to read song lyrics, or it’s a foreign language song that you want to know the meaning of. Whatever the case is, 4K Video Downloader has got your back.
  • Smart Mode: The smart mode lets you implement personalized settings for all future operations. You have selected the file type and quality only once, all further downloads will take it from here.


  • Can convert files to various formats
  • Comes with tutorials to make it user friendly
  • Can download 3d and 360degree videos
  • Supports over 50 subtitle languages


  • The app interface might intimidate new users
  • The unpaid version has 30 conversion limits daily
  • Most of the premium features are available only in the paid version


Freemake video converter is both a web-based tool and downloadable software. You can paste the link on the website or download the software on your device. However, converting directly to the website lacks some features. To access those, you’ll need to use the software.

Like a 4K Video Downloader, you can save full playlists using free make as well. You can convert or download your favorite music to any supported format of a specific device. You can also join two videos together using the software.

In case your internet speed is not up to the mark, you can cap the download speed. Direct cloud upload is very common in video converters, so it only makes sense that Freemake has this feature. Freemake also supports a whopping 10000 websites to download or convert videos and has users nearly 10 million.


  • A Plethora of Formats: Using the Freemake software, you convert any video or clip to any format. It lets you choose the platform, then a specific device, and then a format supported by that device. The amount of personalization is just unbelievable.
  • Proxy and Parental Control: The proxy setting allows you to access and download unavailable videos on the internet. You can also download videos from adult sites and that’s where the parental control feature comes in handy.
  • Video Editing: Besides being an outstanding converting tool, Freemake also has some amazing video editing features. You can cut, join or rotate video clips using this software.


  • Supports up to 4K resolution
  • The conversion speed is ridiculously fast, even for longer videos.
  • The software is free to download without any restrictions
  • You can save and convert multiple clips at the same time
  • Developers frequently update the software
  • You can create ISO or burn it to DVD


  • You can only pick from two formats if you convert directly from the website
  • The free version adds a watermark to video downloads


At first glance, Converto might not seem very appealing to most users. This is the reason I have added this tool to my list. Converto is one of the simplest and easiest tools to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format.

You just have to paste the link, select the desired format and click ‘convert.’ It offers only two formats which are MP3 and MP4. Many may not prefer such limited options, but if you are looking for a strictly MP3 converter, this is the one.

Converto is a web-based tool so there’s no need to download it. It offers service in 14 different languages so there’s a chance you may get to use it in your mother language. Converto is completely free and needless to say, it is reasonably fast.


  • Editing Options: You can edit the filename and the ID3 tag before downloading the file. You can also cut any selected part and change the file quality. Go to the settings option after converting the file.
  • Auto Adds Album Convert: If you like to have a cover on your MP3 files, you won’t have to add those separately. Converto automatically adds the cover art during conversion to make your collection look wholesome.
  • Easy to Use: Converto’s lack of features may detract many users, but by the same token, this made Converto very easy to use. Its user-friendliness is the reason many people prefer Converto over others.


  • Straightforward conversion procedure
  • Suitable for basic users
  • No sign-up
  • Supports multiple languages


  • The interface may seem distasteful to advanced users
  • Redirects to other sites during conversion and download
  • Not suitable for commercial, large-scale use


SnapDownloader is one of the best, if not the best YouTube to MP3 converter on the internet. It provides crisp audio quality and video resolution of up to 8K. It supports many formats like MP3, MP4, AVI, AAC, etc. Besides being an audio converter, it is also a full-blown video downloader.

SnapDownloader has many download features such as queue download, simultaneous download from multiple sites, and scheduled download. It has a built-in search engine to find your favorite music from YouTube fast.

SnapDownloader is completely safe. It doesn’t show any ads or redirects to annoying websites. However, this amazing software is not free. It gives a 3-day free trial with all the features. Despite not being free, considering everything SnapDownloader offers, it’s worth buying.


  • One-click Mode: The one-click mode is a great time saver. With this feature, the video will be automatically converted after you paste the link. You need to select some preferred settings beforehand. Every video link you paste shall convert in the already selected settings.
  • Built-in Browser: This feature is very unique that many similar apps lack. You can browse websites by just typing the address in the box. Some popular websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, etc. are bookmarked by default for extra convenience.
  • Bulk Download: With the bulk download feature, you can download 100 clips at once. Previously this number was 15 but the developers later upgraded it to 100.


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Built-in video trimming option
  • Compatible with over 900 platforms
  • Can download up to 8K resolution
  • Built-in dark mode to relieve eye strain
  • The lifetime license is only 19.99 dollars


  • It is not free
  • The trial period is less than usual


Ontiva may seem similar to other web-based YouTube to MP3 converters, but it has features that many others don’t. The method of converting is simple. You just need to paste the link on the specific box and click convert. It is free but you have to open an account before doing anything.

It supports different audio and video formats including MP3, MP4, WAV, and AAC. What’s unique about Ontiva is that you can make gifs by selecting parts of the song. Other software has a built-in video trimmer but Ontiva’s editing is the most straightforward.

You can download up to 320 Kbps audio and 1080p video using Ontiva. Also, you can download the thumbnail separately. Besides making gif, you can select a specific portion of the video and download it as an audio or video file.


  • GIF Creator: Unlike any other YouTube to MP3 converting tool on this list, Ontiva allows the user to make GIFs from any video on YouTube. You just have to select the portion you want to make GIF into, Ontiva will do the rest for you.
  • Video Trimmer: Other tools have advanced video editing features but Ontiva’s editing feature is the simplest. It lets you trim unwanted portions and download the rest. It is very handy for making ringtones.
  • User Friendly Interface: The website and the entire interface are very user-friendly. It’s very easy to use and instructions are well-written.


  • Fast and easy
  • Built-in GIF maker
  • Built-in video trimmer
  • Supports high-quality audio and video format


  • You need to make a free account before downloading the converted file


Y2mate is a very basic online YouTube to MP3 converter. Its conversion speed is quite fast. In some ways, Y2mate has similarities with Converto. Just like Converto, it has the most basic features and unattractive interface, and ease of use.

There are rarely tools on the internet that only convert video to audio. Most of them are for downloading videos from YouTube and other sites. The video to audio conversion is just an extra feature and Y2mate is no different. You can download videos at up to 1080P resolution.

There are different tabs at the top of the website like YouTube Downloader, YouTube Converter, and YouTube to MP3 Converter. If you select YouTube downloader and paste the link, it will only give you 128 Kbps quality. For higher bitrate, you need to select YouTube to MP3 converter and then paste the link. There you will see bitrates up to 320 Kbps.


  • Always free: Y2mate is completely free to use. There is no conversion or download limit for the free version. All of its features are accessible to anyone.
  • No Signup: Although everyone has an email address these days, signing up on every website to use its features seems irritating sometimes. You don’t have to go through that hassle on Y2mate. You can use its features without signing up.
  • Supports Various Formats: Y2mate supports many different formats like MP4, WMV, MV4, 3GP, FLV, MP3, and more.


  • Provides a clean and intuitive user experience
  • Has multi-language support
  • Supports different browsers
  • No irritating pop ups or redirects
  • No need to sign up


  • Long videos take longer to convert
  • The site sometimes becomes unresponsive

aTube Catcher

aTube Catcher is not your average YouTube to MP3 converter. It is standalone software with myriads of features one of which is the video to MP3 conversion. The developers have designed it for novice users to experts. It has so many features that talking about all of them shall require a separate write-up.

The worth mentioning features are screen recorder, audio capture, and DVD or cd burner. Yes, you can capture your computer screen using aTube Catcher. You can also record audio using a microphone. With the cd burning feature, you can record your favorite songs to a disk directly from this software.

As far as YouTube to MP3 conversion is concerned, it’s easy as pie. Just paste the link in the specific box, select the desired format from the dropdown menu and click download. ATube Catcher supports countless audio and video formats so if you are picky, don’t worry as aTube Catcher has it all.


  • Batch Download: Batch download is one of its most notable features. You can download a whole range of files using this feature. Just go to tools>batch download, paste all the links and download all of them. This feature is completely free, the same as the software.
  • DVD Burning: aTube Catcher has features of a standalone DVD burning software. Using this software, you can write your favorite tracks to DVD to save a physical copy. It can also erase rewritable CDs and DVDs.
  • ISO Burner: Instead of burning to DVD, you can create an ISO file or MDS image. You can copy it to disks later or save it on your computer.


  • Built-in screen recorder
  • Countless audio and video formats
  • Supports quite a few platforms
  • Built-in audio capturer
  • Built-in DVD burner
  • Speedy conversion
  • Drag and drop video conversion


  • Not right for basic users
  • Works better with YouTube and no other sites

Be Cautious While Downloading Converter Apps

As I’ve said before, there are many offline and online YouTube converters on the web. And most are completely safe. The ones I’ve mentioned here in this article are guaranteed to be okay. And if a website does not require you to download anything else first, then that should be okay as well.

But if you do stubble upon a website that is not listed here but requires you to download something else first. Don’t do it. And even if you download anything else by mistake, do not install it. There is a high chance that the app might inject your device with a virus. There are many fraud websites like this and it is very essential that you steer clear of them.

My advice is that you do not try anything else but the apps and web tools I’ve mentioned here. These have been existing for years and are verified to be completely safe. And I’m sure you’ll find something that is of use to you from the 10 converters mentioned here.


If you are a music fan, YouTube would be your go-to site besides others. As you are not always under a Wi-Fi network, you would want to save your favorite tracks on your device in an audio format. There are unlimited tools to convert YouTube to MP3 on the internet, but I believe you won’t have to look further than the ones I’ve mentioned here.

Now, you’ve got all of information’s you’re looking for. Enjoy your music and have a great day!